2020-2022 Ford Explorer ST

The Explorer ST Stage 1 Kit from Whipple is the full package. Designed to free up power and wake your SUV up, the intercooler and tune included in the Stage 1 Kit will make your Ford more fun to drive and more responsive. 

Reduce intake air temperatures. The Explorer Mega Cooler has been tested to lower temperatures up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit on the dyno. On the street and at the track, even better temperatures are possible. This reduction in temperature will result in great gains in power! The reduced temperatures let you increase the spark advance and get more oxygen into the engine for increased power. It provides more consistent power, faster recovery times, and maintains safety from detonation.

Bar and plate core for better heat transfer. Constructed using a bar and plate core, the intercooler promotes heat transfer for more efficient operation than tube and fin cores. The intercooler features 214% greater volume than stock and offset fins on the hot and cold side for even greater cooling capacity. There is a 259% increase in external fin surface increase and a reduction in restriction over the stock intercooler. Improved 0-60 times stock in sport mode 5.34 secs . After whipple intercooler and custom calibration 0-60 times 4.68.

1 year/10,000 mile warranty 

AFE Momentum GT Pro Col air intake kit

Borla Atack 2.5 catback system Black chrome tips 

J&L oil separator ( catch can ) 

Whipple massive intercooler 

4 HPT RTD credits required 

Custom calibration 

Retains all factory driving 

An extra push to your family suv

Pump gas 91 premium 

Improved 0-60 times from our stage 1 kit

1 year/ 10,000 mile warranty 

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